Digital PDF of May/Summer issue of Birth of a Woman is now available! Nearly 100 pages, quartlery magazine.

SHIP DATES MAY 1, 2020 to MAY 10, 2020


In this issue:



Editors Note


Practitioner In Focus


Carly Banks tells us her personal story of why she became a practitioner of Ayurveda.


All The Feels Pt. 2 - Unforgiveness

Ursula continues her story about personal traumas, how she has and is overcoming and healing! 


The Apothecary 

Our very own Deb Forehead gives you a herbal focus for each issue.


Alyssa’s Farmacy  

Alyssa Sheffar talks Mental and emotional food health!


Lesson from Heartbreak

The Goddess Moves’ Nicole Pemberton talks about her personal lessons from emotional heartbreak, and how she has come full circle in groeth and health.


Fresh Finds

Our picks for TOP NOTCH local, Canadian, eco-conscious, fair trade and independent products!


Beautifully Whole

Joline is a Cree Dene woman with an amazing story of culture, relationship and life-long learning and understanding.


SummerTime of the Heart & Spleen Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM practitioner, Melanie Haggert,  talks about what Summer means in TCM for your body, food consumption and wellbeing.


Healthy Recipes

We have two scrumptious and super simple recipes for summertime!


Me. My Crazy, and I. Vol 2.

Actor, Artist, writer; Wrama Willis loves to talk about her experiences. They are heart warming and engaging. Her musing will inspire you!


Becoming Whole by Falling Apart

Yogi, Somatic and nervous system expert, Reanna Costa speaks on how to fully embrace healing we must sometimes allow ourselves to fall apart.


DIY Up-cycling Project

Alycia is a zero-waste & Up-cycling aficionado! She has a T-SHIRT GROCERY BAG tutorial that ANYONE can do!


A Millennial’s Chronology of Representation & Self-Discovery

Haley is a self proclaimed proud “L” member of the LGBTQ+, and her coming out story is endearing, funny, and inspiring.


Feng Shui

Our resident Feng Shui Ninja, Jill Ethier, guides you through the basics of home clutter clearing, and also help you understand the why’s, how’s and heretofore’s of the process.

Birth of a Woman Summer Vol 2, 2020 DIGITAL PDF

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