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In this issue:



Carly Banks lets us in on a little secret for New Year’s resolution: psst. There is no real secret!


The Book Shelf

Our recommended books, authors, videos, art pieces and all the things that make our souls sing!


Tales of my Mixed Race Family. Yes, We Still need a List of Do’s & Don’ts.

Danielle Faust, of OKDani.com, speaks frankly about what it’s like raising mixed race children. She lets you in on some Do’s & Don’ts, because we still need to hear them.


Part 1 - Terror: An open dialogue about depression.

Ursula Jordaan graciously allow us to have a glimpse into her childhood traumas, and speaks openly about her struggles with depression, PTSD and anxiety. She’s a survivor with a message.


The Apothecary

Our very own Deb Forehead gives you a herbal focus for each issue.


Spring has Sprung! What that means for your Liver and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By Melanie Haggert RAc, TCMD, RMT, BFA


Yoga and the enticement of enlightenment

Jesica Messom is a Yogi, and it wasn’t easy getting there. In fact it still isn’t; her candid look at the road to enlightenment will enlighten you.


Spiritual Awakening

Kim Wuirch is an author, spiritual healer and practical person. She writes about her not-so-graceful awakening as an empathic healer.


Fresh Finds

Our picks for TOP NOTCH local, Canadian, eco-conscious, fair trade and independent products!


She is calling you ... Are you listening ...

Nicole Pemberton, of the Goddess Moves, speaks on the Wild Woman inside you, and how YOU too can access her from within.


Cultivating Creativity

But I’m Not Creative!” Oh, yes you are! Lyndall Cave has the MOST refreshing tips to get those creative juices flowing.


Holistic Living

Alyssa is a holistic and energetic healer. She gives the 101 version of what living holistically means.


Feng Shui

Our resident Feng Shui Ninja, Jill Ethier, guides you through the basics of home based Feng Shui!


Practitioner In Focus

Trish Felber from Renewal Homeopathy in Calgary, AB gives us her history and why she opened her amazing business!


Surviving Sudden Death: Healing regret, remorse and unforgivable choices when things end without warning.

Daring To Suck was started by Keri-Anne Livingstone to help people re-create themselves. Now she speaks on a very personal experience and why it all matters.


Me. My Crazy, and I

Actor, Artist, writer; Wrama Willis loves to talk about her experiences. They are heart warming and engaging. Her musing will inspire you!

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