Worthiness = Love

Worthiness = Love by Nicole Pemberton of The Goddess Moves

Worthiness is an intrinsic part of feeling grounded and centred. It is deeply connected to the energy system of the body called The Chakras. At the base of the spine is the primary root chakra. It represents stability and support.

The root chakra also powers our confidence, expression and creativity....

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Being worthy of a cause makes us feel good. Having money to pay our expenses, having a disposable income and the ability to cultivate a comfortable living gives a sense of pride and ownership. There is value and worthiness of the hard work that has provided you by this life.

When a person of the opposite sex smiles at you, expresses that you look good, gives you a compliment and says I love you. The feeling makes you float on air, someone sees something in you and acknowledges you. You feel worthy of their attention.

When someone congratulates you with an award, recognition, you achieve a goal or accomplishment, you aced a test...all those hours of studying and saying no to parties and gatherings pay off. You feel smart. You feel proud. Your commitments have paid off. There is abundant fruit as a result of your labour. Bountiful applause is at your feet. You feel worthy.

But what happens when guilt, shame, judgement, procrastination, doing without result, disappointments, un-fulfillment, scarcity, lack, worry, and down and down the rabbit hole we go.... what happens when we do not feel worthy? What is going on with the people we surround ourselves with, the old stories that just don’t seem to go away, the habits we know are not good but we do them anyway, when we do not love ourselves enough to feel worthy?

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Worthiness starts in the womb. It starts at the seat of your pants.....literally!

It is the connection to the earth and the portal of pleasure and creation.

And yet it is the place that energetically gets blocked the most. Why because in order to feel worthy we need to fully LOVE OURSELVES.

Loving yourself is not just a frivolous act or saying. Many experts, influencers and close people around you will say the same thing:

“Sweetheart you are so amazing, you just got to love yourself”

“You have so much potential, don’t let other people get you down, love yourself and everything will be alright”

“Look into the mirror and say I love myself” (this is actually a good exercise, what people forget to mention is how you want to feel and honour what comes up)

“Why do you do those things, don’t you love yourself enough, you know better?”

“How do you expect people to love you if you do not love yourself?”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

While it is absolutely correct. Loving yourself fully and completely is the ultimate passport and ownership of worthiness of self. However what many do not say is that it is probably one the hardest things for each of us to do because it is an inside job. It is internal and we often look for it externally from people, places and things. This is a lifelong practice. There is no magical solution, one size fits all tailor made practice or single juicy sized mantra/affirmation that will make loving yourself easier. Everyone will find what is right for themselves.

  • The question remains: what are the connections?

  • How does one love themselves more?

  • Which Goddess can you call on for additional support?

Here is a thought: Worthiness = Rooted + Confidence + Expressions + Support + Safety = Love

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What is the connection?

Worthiness connects to your:

  • Environment: People in and around your life, opinions expressed, will people laugh/make fun of/criticize you

  • Do I do enough: Shame, tall poppy, being different, standing out, judgement

  • Having enough time: Procrastination, failure, perfectionism, doing a task just right

  • Being good enough: Feeling bare, stripped, vulnerable, raw, absence of love, embarrassment, fear

  • Enough credentials: illusion of being smart enough, comparison, confidence, expression, creativity

  • Language: “I can’t do it because.......”

It took me a long time to feel worthy consistently. A lot of reprogramming. Journey into the darkness at times where I took other people’s toxic options.

I am a woman of colour. My skin is chocolate brown. Smooth as silk. But growing up that didn’t seem to matter to others outside of my home.

Strangers called me ugly.


Said I looked like characters off of TV comedy shows that people would laugh and make fun of.

Boys would go after the “pretty girls”.

I was bold when I started going to clubs and I started asking guys to dance. I thought; "Why not?" Some said yes, and some declined. I took it like a champ. But inside I was like why wouldn’t he want to dance with me?

Feeling worthy within myself was a challenge because of peer rejection, scrutiny and just plain ignorance.

Funny thing about moving into adulthood; those things don’t leave. You may move on with your life but they don’t go away until you feel, forgive and heal them.

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What is the process of moving into loving yourself more?

Change your state/emotional mindset.

You need to feel it! As simple as it sounds it really does make a humongous difference. How you feel and the energy you put out moves mountains. It shifts your energy, other people around you will notice, the room feels pleasant and you feel good. The quickest way to get there is GRATITUDE. Whenever you get into a state of feeling unsure of your talents, you can uniquely do write or do a mental list of all the things you like about yourself or mini-victories you have accomplished during the day. Write down or think about experiences that have made you feel amazing. Drink in all the senses of that experience. Appreciate the sole fact that your presence on this earth is a gift. You are alive today! You are breathing at this moment! You get another fresh day to express something magnificent that only you can deliver. You just as you are right now is enough. Affirm that in your mindset.

You can rewrite your story.

“Someone’s opinion of you does not shape your reality.” Les Brown

Everyday you get to reshape, rewire and re-tell your story. You get to journey into the depths of your old patterns, habits and stories and create new fantastic pathways. It takes visualization; recognizing the root of the pattern and honouring it, forgiving all parties involved and releasing the energy that is not yours. This can be done through ceremony, it can be done through sacred writing: writing everything that needs to be released and burning it in a safe space. It can be done by meditation, breath work and a mantra for example: “I fully release the energy that is not mine, I forgive myself and release (what needs to be released) with love”.

It also takes commitment/discipline. No change is immediate. Sometimes it is easier than others however the brain is wired for comfort. When you deviate from deep set in pathways to create new ones it temporarily creates disruption and the body wants to go back to what it knows. You make it consistent in order to help the body/brain recognize that a new pathway is being developed and it will eventually get easier.


  • You can not tell a frog not to jump. It is gonna jump. It is designed to do that action.

  • You can not tell a baby not to cry when he/she is hungry. Your baby will cry. The baby is designed to communicate that way until he/she forms words.

  • You can not tell a plant not to grow. It will grow. It is designed to grow into its unique type of tree.

To feel love, to feel worthiness is an action.

You have to claim it. It can be as straightforward as walking upright and with purpose. As you walk you hold your head up high. As you hold your head up high you speak to someone clearly and directly. As you speak to that person you make direct eye contact and really see the person in front of you. As you see and communicate with that person your words flow through with elegance and passion. Your presence transcends the room. You understand that what you have to say has value. You confidence shines through (even though sometimes your inner self may be shaking but knows to keep going inner/outer self will eventually balance out). You know that you came from and are guided from the highest source of love.

How did I love myself more and feel the worthiness inside of me?

I had to get completely comfortable with myself. I had to realize those were not my stories. That was not my energy to carry. All those things that were said were not true.

It was not true

It is not true!

What really gave me the "aha moment" was looking at my family photos. My mother, my grandmothers. Now, growing up I wanted to look like my mom because she was so pretty. My sister got her looks. I didn’t fully appreciate the looks from my dad's side. I later grew into it and liked it. But when I looked at my lineage pride overflowed. And a realization....

You can’t call me ugly

You can say I’m not beautiful

You can’t know that I am not smart

You’d be a fool to not want to be with me, the guy that is knows what a good woman I am.

If I believe in the opposite that means I reject my lineage. When you see me, you see my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and so on and so forth. I am the living reflection of past, present and future generations.

I am worthy because of what I carry, the lineage I pass on and the legacy I create.

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Goddess Support.


She is the Buddhist Goddess of unconditional love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. She helps you as you journey through the uncomfortable, listen to what needs to be heard and you can release it.


Mary Magdalene

She is the Mother of fierce and unwavering love. She helps lead you to your true self and to know your true power comes from your heart.


Worthiness is not a word. It’s state of mind and being. It’s a state of knowing and conviction.

Worthiness is an overwhelming state of presence and love.

Life will knock us around or two. However when we truly understand the high state of being worthy within ourselves; That light at the top of the rabbit hole pulls us out a little quicker.

The light reminds us you are love.

You are worthy.

~ Nicole


This is Nicole, creatrix of The Goddess Moves. She is a dance artist, mentor, choreographer, Embodiment Goddess coach, entrepreneur and educator who has performed professionally nationally in Canada, New York and Trinidad and Tobago. She has trained and performed with various respected artists and choreographers in Canada and internationally. Her formal education included obtaining a diploma and BA of Arts specializing in dance, choreography and performance. She has presented her own choreography and spoken word works on stage. Always learning she has also completed her Reiki 1 & 2 certification, Crystal healing certification, Health coach certification with IIN and certified Temple Body Artist with the completion of Sophia Thom’s Temple Body Arts Global Mentorship program.

Nicole went through her own healing journey with a physical clearing of having 10 massive Fibroids removed from her uterus. She is driven to share the knowledge she has acquired with others to disrupt generational patterns and reconnect to our bodies from the inside-out. She weaves movement alchemy, embodiment and fusing ancestral practices within our modern society. This became the catalyst in creating The Goddess Moves. Through her business she teaches live workshops, retreats, 6 month juicy deep dive alchemic programs and one on one sessions.

To reach her to teach, speak or collaborate contact via Email

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