Vol 4 Fires of Hope

Editors Note 
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 Pg 8
 A Lesbians Observations on Sexism. By Hayley Gislayson
 Pg 14
 Self Discovery & Purpose. Within Feng Shui
 By Jill Ethier
 Pg 20 Fresh Finds
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 Pg 24 
Why I Think the Words “Woo-Woo” is a Bunch of Crap.
 By Nicole Pemberton
 Pg 32
 Your Home. Sanctuary or Jail Cell? By 
Kim Wuirch
 Pg 36 
It’s Time to be Brave. By 
Keri-Anne Livingston
 Pg 40
 “Just Sit With Me”
A Poem By Jena Biermann
 Pg 42 
Toxicity in Relationships. Finding my Joy in Discovering my Role.
 By Jesica Messom
 Editors Note: When sitting and listening to my intuition as to what this year’s issues were going to hold, I find the titles always come first. They pop into my head, full force, and with urgency. Making the title the container in which the entire magazine’s energy is held. 2020 was a doozy. 2021 will be equally dizzying, but with a sense of completion, love, and healing. We need it. We’re ready for it. It’s time to Level Up, wouldn’t you say? The first issue of 2021, Vol. 4, is full of all of those things ... and the tools by which to implement them. By sharing our own stories, experiences and knowledge we open up a vast amount of infinite potential. Notice I said infinite? Yes, we live in a finite, 3D world, and our potential is I N F I N A T E. We have this amazing soul, you see, that is the portal and conduit for our limitlessness. The women in this issue had a rough year. And they are the brave warriors who are willing to be transparent and open so that you too might have the opportunity to also come full circle. My hope is always to reach as many women as possible with these incredible messages of hope, healing, and joy. Within that is a deep gratefulness that cannot be measured or expressed. Much love! ~ Tracy Loeppky

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