Isolation: Change INTO Limitless Potentiality

By Nicole Pemberton

The Goddess Moves

“This is where we are right now. We have been given space to shift and transform. Where are you putting your energy in your work and relationships? Is it in harmony with the co-creation of your highest desires in life?

We all know it. We try to run from it. We try to distract ourselves from it. Change is sometimes very uncomfortable. It requires us to adapt. It requires us to do things differently. It demands us to transform.

Your body gives you clues all the time. We are being guided all the time. We ask for help all the time. But are we listening when the answers and guidance comes to us. Or do you receive it and go; “Yeah but that’s so much work...can’t I do this instead?” Like a 5 year old child that does not want to do something.

There was no better message for me to do life differently than when I was lying on a cold steel table. Bright lights shining over me, metal equipment on smaller tables, about 10-12 people organizing themselves and a man on my left letting me know he is about to give me an anesthetist to put me to sleep. My surgery to remove my fibroids was about to begin. 

Nothing can really prepare you for when you have to go into the surgery room. I guess that's why they knock you out quickly before you go into panic. At that point you have zero control. I was at the mercy and expertise and TRUST of my doctor and the nurses in that room. 

When I woke up, I was groggy and could hear my doctor's voice. The only thing I really wanted to hear was; are they all gone? He said yes. My dad was on one side of me, rubbing my forehead and then kissed me on the cheek. My partner was on the other side, and kissed me on my other cheek. I was awake. I was going to be alright. 

My healing journey taught me to surrender and to adapt. The fact that in the first week I could barely walk up and down the stairs literally forced me to accept patience. An active person is now being instructed to sit down and rest. Three weeks into my healing journey I was so restless. I went out for a walk, and walking across the street was humbling. The cross walk sign gives you 30 seconds. I took the whole 30 seconds. I just barely made it before impatient drivers put their foot on the gas once the light switched to green.

My walk consisted of the pathway to the grocery store and a few blocks in the neighbourhood before I got tired. I reached home, put my groceries down and I cried. I cried because I was impatient with the healing process. I cried because I did not feel strong. I cried because I missed my mom like crazy and I wanted her comfort so badly at that moment. I cried because I wanted to get back to “normal”. I cried because I was not ready to completely surrender. That is exactly what I had to do. 

In the face of change and transformation we have to surrender. The beautiful gospel song says it perfectly, “ I surrender ALL…..”. We have to slow down. We have to pause and allow stillness to occur so we can pay attention to what needs to shift. Change can be quick and instant or a gradual process. In the end we are in control with how we adapt and tune in. 

I had to fully release control to get out of the way to allow full healing and processing to occur. After that day I enjoyed the extended periods of sleep. I appreciated moving a little slower. I listened more to the rhythms of my body. When I felt tired I rested. When I had a little more energy I honoured that. When people came to my home to help, I let them. I listened deeply to what was coming through in my body and spirit. I acted accordingly. 

This is where we are right now. We have been given space to shift and transform.

  • Where are you putting your energy in your work and relationships?

  • Is it in harmony with the co-creation of your highest desires in life?

  • Are you using your talents, purposes and passions that were given only to you to express fully?

  • Are you loving yourself and the people around you with your full whole heart and soul? 

  • OR Are you still carrying energetic codes and cords that are not yours that need to be released from your body?

Have you been called to create something special that you were fighting for time to focus and create? 
Well Honey NOW is the time! You have the time! What are you going to do about it?

Kali Ma, the Hindu Goddess of Revolution. The archetype of the ‘Creator/Destroyer’. She is here to clear the pathway. She clears the blocks. She is no nonsense Goddess that helps us within our transformation. She does this from a place of love. When you see Kali Ma she is intimidating at first but when you look closer her heart is full of healing light. She is our guide when deep transformation needs to be done. She does this from a place of pure love. We have to journey into the shadows. We have to confront our blocks, fears, triggers and old stories. We have to come face to face with trauma and say to it “I release you, I call on Kali and her mighty sword to help cut and burn away what no longer serves. I give gratitude for the experience and I release you”. 

As human beings we are stubborn. We don’t like change. We fight it. It is that change that is uncomfortable, is the shift that gets us to where we want to be. Whether it's accumulating more money, creating a new business, building new habits or just starting something new.

Change takes consistency. Change takes time. Change takes some work.

Strategies and tools to use for your divine transformation:

  • Write it down- what do you want? Who do you want to be? Where are you spending your time? What are you calling in? Get specific and detailed into what you are manifesting and co-creating in your life. See it. Touch it. Taste it. Embody it.

  • Clean your home, the energy you create in your home is just as important as how you project yourself into the world

  • Make a schedule, with the extra time you have this is not an excuse to be lazy. Plan your time when you are going to be productive, play time, quality time and rest time

  • Create a ritual practice whether you meditate, journal, exercise whatever it is create a practice that is for you where you get to focus and visualize into your highest desires short-term and long term

  • Create a ritual with Kali Ma, chant her mantra - KALI-E SWAHA a few times, stand up and visualize your arms as a sword and move and cut all that you want to release

  • Take a few minutes to pause and be in stillness, connect with your body, take some big expansive breaths, put your hand on your heart or womb and just be present, if there is a question you want to ask your guides ask, listen for the wisdom

  • Play and create, make it fun, bring more joy and pleasure into you life, play some joyful music and dance uninhibited, draw, paint, watch a fun movie, play games, make sweet love to yourself or your partner, invite more PLEASURE into your life

  • Create space, whether it is with your time, in your home, in your body, your mind….create the space to get clear, to create, to manifest 

  • Create a morning ritual and a dream time ritual. Your morning ritual is foundational activities that will set your energy up for the day. Your dream time ritual are your activities that will set you up for the most gorgeous restful sleep at night. There is no set do’s and don’ts. You intuitively know what works and what does not work for you. Once you have decided, be consistent with your rituals.

  • Be patient, honour the process, surrender to the rises and challenges, know that it will be worth it, know that you are not alone, you are being guided and you are loved every step of the way.

We are awakening to shift and elevate to limitless potentiality. To love from the highest source of energy. To be in full whole worthiness and to be purposeful for the good of humanity. 

It takes 21 days to rewire your body to stick to a new habit. Are you willing to wait until the end of 21 days to make changes? Are you willing to start right now and keep going?

Nicole is the creatrix of The Goddess Moves. She is a dance artist, mentor, choreographer, Embodiment Goddess coach, entrepreneur and educator who has performed professionally nationally in Canada, New York and Trinidad and Tobago. She has trained and performed with various respected artists and choreographers in Canada and internationally. Her formal education included obtaining a diploma and BA of Arts specializing in dance, choreography and performance. She has presented her own choreography and spoken word works on stage. Always learning she has also completed her Reiki 1 & 2 certification, Crystal healing certification, Health coach certification with IIN and certified Temple Body Artist with the completion of Sophia Thom’s Temple Body Arts Global Mentorship program. 

Nicole went through her own healing journey with a physical clearing of having 10 massive Fibroids removed from her uterus. She is driven to share the knowledge she has acquired with others to disrupt generational patterns and reconnect to our bodies from the inside-out. She weaves movement alchemy, embodiment and fusing ancestral practices within our modern society. This became the catalyst in creating The Goddess Moves. Through her business she teaches live workshops, retreats, 6 month juicy deep dive alchemic programs and one on one sessions.

To reach her to teach, speak or collaborate contact via Email

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