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• Handcrafted with locally sourced leather

• Accents made from upcycled inner tire tubes sourced in Haiti

• Handmade by artisans

• Large inside pocket for easy access to your essentials

• 12" x 15" x 4" - 30.4cm x 38.1cm x 10.1cm

Brave Soles SHOP NOW


Save 20% with the code "woman2020"


• The name Jasmine dates back to ancient Persian mysteries that speak of beauty and love. Featuring a minimalist cross ankle design that flits from dressy to casual, this will be your go-to travel sandal and evening out shoe. From magic carpet rides to sunset summer walks, the Jasmine can take you there.

• Made of locally sourced leather

• Handcrafted tire soles made from upcycled tires sourced in Haiti

• No break in period "aka" instant comfort

• Super cushy foam core mid-sole made from high quality foam to offer support and durability

• Handmade leather footbed

• Slightly raised heel for extra impact absorption

• Handmade by artisan shoemakers in the Dominican Republic

• Available in classic black, caramel, and white caramel.

North Water is the brain child of two immigrant women who proudly call Canada home. It is their way of showcasing their love for Canada by sharing pristine, Rocky Mountain glacial water with the world. The water comes in a reusable aluminium bottle that is meant to represent the beautiful lakes that are formed by the glaciers that surround it. "Our bottle is our pledge to leave this planet better than we found it. This is our North."

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North Water is available at Lina's Italian Market and is making its way into stores in Calgary. 


Jen Ashley Jewelry

My name is Jennifer Rading, I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario surrounded by artists in both the music and arts industry. My father was my first inspiration. He was the original bassist for the 70’s Canadian band The Five Man Electrical Band, you may remember their hit song “Signs”. He wore A LOT of jewelry on and off stage and my very first custom made piece was designed for him, which he wore proudly. What started off as a contribution to my Dad’s jewelry collection eventually grew into Jen Ashley Jewelry.

I started developing my skill for creating and designing jewelry 20 years ago. While studying Psychology in university, I also took classes in basic jewelry design, and then concentrated in a few areas such as silversmithing. I noticed over the years that people are very passionate about what expresses who they are. So what started as a piece of jewelry for my Dad, has evolved into a viable business that gives me an opportunity to do something meaningful for people.

Here are some of my more significant jewelry lines.

The first jewelry line, is called the “Angel Wing” collection. This bracelet has always been my special line because it evolved quite quickly in the direction I envisioned from the beginning; to help tell the story of the person wearing this bracelet. I saw how customers were moved by meaning and loved to be part of the creative process by adding their own personal touch to the bracelet, like birthstones of loved ones. This collection is truly about love and honouring those who mean the most to you.

The “I am Strength” collection is my second line and is inspired by the idea that we bend but don’t break. Having almost died from a very serious blood clot many years ago, I decided to create a collection that embodied the true strength that resides in us all. This collection is a reminder that you have a story to tell, so acknowledge yourself (and/or others) and, if you wish to, create inspiration for others who might need it. This bracelet comes with a note that says “Tell the world about the person wearing this bracelet. Tell them you bend, you do not break”.

My third and most sentimental line is called the “Mixed Media” collection which is inspired by my father’s musical legacy and his love for the bass guitar. I created this line to have fun and get creative using bass guitar strings and other musical pieces. My father would be so proud, but sadly he passed away a few years ago. His influence lives on whenever I make an 8 string bass guitar bracelet, which he played, or an artistic colourful leather and bass string pendant. This collection is truly about following your passion, loving who you are and telling the story about the person wearing this jewelry.

Over the years I have created many different lines of jewelry using gemstones, beads from different countries and creating different looks and styles. I love when customers request custom orders because I get to collaborate with them. The metal I use the most is stainless steel because of its durability, tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic properties. Currently I have a small store front at the indoor market called Bountiful, opened all year in the south end of Edmonton.

I welcome you to come say hello as well as visit my social media platforms and check out some of my other jewelry.

Insta: jenashley_jewelry ● (still in construction)

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