Editors Note for Vol. 3, 2020 Into the Blissful Dark

This issue is a special one, in that it is the final issue of the year because of all the various obstacles we faced due to the pandemic and it’s effect on spending. That said, we also wanted to make sure it was special within it’s integrity and content. The title of this issue is; “In the Blissful Dark”, a name that has significance due to the time of year is it being released and what it could mean. The autumn and winter months are dark; days shorter and nights longer. The cold that occurs in most of North America forces us indoors to be huddled under blankets and cozy sweaters. Often times we decorate with lights and music in a kind of rebellious attitude towards all these things. I would encourage you to actually embrace the darkness and what potential it holds for healing and deep introspection. What does that mean? It means that perhaps the darkness that occurs is purposeful. Look at nature and what happens, hunkering down with the family unit and hibernation. What if humans could have a period of time in which this kind of hibernation would also be beneficial? The idea I’m attempting to translate to you is this: being quiet, still, and in the dark isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be peaceful, joyful, fulfilling and a time for great introspection and learning. Why not take the opportunity that dark and cold presents and make it into a time for you {and your family} to have some meaningful and quality time?

The articles inside this issue foster just that; they are insightful, thought provoking and action inducing. Many, if not all, of the contributors truly took this time and topic to heart with some really great and informative topics. There is even a DIY project that is simple and can be done with children, if you so choose.

Take care of yourselves, my dear sisters, in this dark time. Read Canadian books and amazing magazines, have fires and quiet conversations, look at the stars and sit with the silence, listening to it’s secrets. See this as a blissful requiem to the chaos and havoc the outside world might want to impose upon your life, and use it to further improve your self, your Whole Self.

Thank you from all of us at Birth of a Woman Magazine, and be well. We’ll see you in the springtime ....

xoxo Tracy

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