Love, Tracy

Editor's Note for Spring

The birth of Birth of a Woman has been a long and arduous process.  I have spent many years in the magazine publication industry, as an independent and mostly online publisher. I’ve also been an online blogger with Moms, For Real, and a co-organizer of a car show & fundraiser with Rides for Relief. My resume is long and eclectic, and with all of that experience you’d think I’d be wholly prepared for what life had to serve me with this project ... alas, I was not. 

Birth of a Woman magazine has been an eye and heart opening experience of extraordinary proportions.  The women I’ve met in this process; the same women you will meet within the pages of this inaugural issue, are the most amazing humans. They are diverse, compassionate, honest and will let you into their intimate writing space as they have never done before.
The stories, ruminations, and learned philosophies that are shared within these issues are a collection and culmination of DECADES worth of experiences. I have been so honoured to read and learn from these women that it sometimes makes my heart hurt with love and adoration.


You will see very soon that the bravery and raw courage of these women is to be honoured and cultivated within all of us. We are witnessing the fruition of years and years of us, as women, having experiences in the cold silence .... We are all birthing ourselves ... And as a result we are forming a bond; a community, a tribe, a coven of women who will be forever tied together through and because of these shared experiences.

There is something uniquely powerful within sharing ourselves and what we have learned and gone through. I speak with so many women and each and every one of them have an untold story that seems, to them, isolated and one-of-a-kind. While each person does, in fact have their own story, I have very quickly learned that there is also a commonality that is threaded through each one of them. A commonality that needs to be seen, it needs to be shared, and it needs to see the light of day. Why? So that we can all come together within the commonality to understand we are not alone.  None of us are alone, and none of us are separate. We were built for a community - a circle - to share within. Without it we suffer needlessly, and we suffer alone. That simply will not do! We have the ability with the internet, written word, printed magazines and everything else that falls in between to be able to share our selves with each other!


I see this magazine as an opportunity to curate women into the pages of the magazine so that more women can read, learn, understand and access all that is within. We can and will heal. We can and will learn. We can and will be more that the sum of our meat-suit parts. 

Within these pages, you’ll find a plethora of different topics and subjects of interest. I’ve put together a wide range of things for you to flip through: products, lifestyle, stories, testimonies, and education. All within the alternative, esoteric, eco-conscious, practical and sometimes not-so-practical health care. 

I hope you find something, or maybe even a few things, that hit your heart, lift your soul, speaks to your mind, and opens your eyes. Above all I hope you feel the love that is abundant within these pages, as that was and always will be, my intention for bringing you all together.