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Our Editor and Fearless Leader. She is a master curator of amazing people and content .... Just to name a few things she dabbles in; Backyard Farm Aficionado, Reiki Master, Purpose Driven Coach, Clairvoyant Medium, Author & Actor. A Women's Lifestyle Guru, who wanted so much more, that she simply started her own media outlet.


Assistant Editor

Aka “the shopping queen’ 

is many things communications major, community and relationship builder; in her spare time she’s an adventure mom, pin up diva, epic party planner, women’s advocate, food educator, flourishing yogi, a student of life.

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Content Contributors

Joline is a Dene/Cree First Nation of Treaty 8 Territory. She is an Entrepreneur, facilitator, and Speaker. 
Her business is called Living Resilient, where she focuses on personal development, empowerment, traditional knowledge and Speaking on various topics to help create dialogue and bring awareness in the wake of reconciliation. 


Deborah Forehead Horticulturalist, First Degree Wiccan Priestess, Herbal Aficionado, and all around amazing human. Deb is a pillar in her community and is full of esoteric and practical wisdom.


Ursula is a wondrous dichotomy of being a creative powerhouse and a goofball all at the same time! Aside from writing for film, theatre and the web, Ursula is the creator and host of The Happy Pill podcast; a safe, inclusive, and open space for sharing our stories about mental health and how to heal from the effects of abuse and depression. “Your mind matters.”

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Wrama Willis is an emerging artist, actor, writer and in-the-shower songstress. Having a passion for film, television and theatre, Wrama began pursuing her creative passion over three years ago. Her recent works include; Theatre: Mae Moreley in All That Remains; Film: Miracle in East Texas, Root of The Problem; Television: A Teacher, Heartland.

Wrama is passionate about telling stories that talk about social and human inequality. She is a firm believer in the power of love, laughter, and dreaming big.

Wrama is a mother of three kind, beautiful, and amazing kids that she proudly shares with her husband, Roy. Together, they live in Calgary, Ab.

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I tried boxes, but none of them fit. I’m 100% Australian and 100% Canadian. I’m a Christian but don’t ask me what kind because I don’t have a clue. My top four passions are Story, Community, Connection and Creating. I like sparkles, film making, 18th-century dresses, frogs, fairytales, and irony.

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  • Kim Wuirch
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Kim Wuirch is a Psychic Healer, Author, Empath, Spiritual Mentor and Archangel communicator, who works with people of all ages, to assist with healing and spiritual growth.

Kim knows that people are being awakened in waves across the world. She wants them to know they are not alone, and they are not crazy.

Kim has released 3 books since her journey began, in order of release: Waking Up An Empath, Awakened Empath and Spiritual Reality. 

Kim has forged her own spiritual modalities and methods of spiritual healing.  Kim has her own product line that includes Energy Protection Oil, Energy Protection soaps and bath bombs, Energy Protection bracelets and so much more. She is also a reseller for the “Guru of Awakening” crystal known as Auralite.

Kim also offers healing in groups known as Infinity Healing, remotely and in person. She teaches Akashic Records, Violet Flame and Usui Reiki, Auralite classes and much more.


Country chick living in a small town. Mom. Artist. Creator. Intimacy Farmer. Passionate about turning your discards into cool and useable shit!
Oh, and... Lover of plants, grower of food.



Melanie is passionate about travel and the life lessons it teaches. She considers herself a “Jill”of all trades. Growing up in rural Alberta gave her the chance to get her hands dirty in many different jobs/trades. She always had an affinity for Eastern culture, medicine, art and philosophy which lead her down the path to become a registered acupuncturist. Finishing up school in Beijing, she decided to travel through China, Tibet and Nepal before coming back to Calgary to start a career in holistic healthcare. Melanie has her own practice and looks forward to more travel and adventures.

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Alyssa Sheffar is an Unbridled Mama who supports and coaches women going through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. For 12+ years she has taught many different styles of yoga, she's a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Coach.

Alyssa is a mamasita to 2 pre-teens, a dog mom to 3, a cat mom, and is always expanding her herd of medicine horses. She resides on her funny farm near Didsbury Alberta and offers 1:1 online coaching and in-person EAL sessions, workshops, and immersives. Alyssa is a Holistic Living Guru and will serve you during times of struggle when the mind, body and spirit are misaligned. She will help you create and birth the life of your wildest dreams.

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Jesica lover of life, yoga and dancing, trying to heal trauma, connect and grow with every day that passes!

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At The Habit Ayurvedic Wellness, Carly Banks teaches simple daily routines that support our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. As a working mother of two young children, Carly is no stranger to feeling “busy”, and knows the importance of creating healthy habits that feel easy to implement. As an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, Carly promotes self-care techniques backed by thousands of years of exploration. No new gimmicks. No equipment or supplements. Just simple actions for being well.

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Meet Trish Felber -  Business Owner Extraordinaire! Trish is a Homeopath, Intuitive, Energy Worker, and self taught IT guru.  She’s also passionate about her family and her dog (not necessarily in that order:). 

Mostly Trish is a dream seeker - her dream led her to homeopathy and then to creating a clinic full of like minded practitioners working hard to help clients fulfill their own dreams of wellness.

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Jill’s clients call her the Energetic Ninja. She gives you the tools needed to increase your energy so that you can create more of you truly want in your life. Her online training programs, like Feng Shui and Ho’oponopono, provide you with the energetic tools and techniques you need to easily increase your mental, physical and spiritual energy so that you can be more abundant, fulfill your purpose more on a daily basis and improve your overall health and well-being. Her podcast, Ninja Jill KNOWS, helps you create more of what you truly want every week. Her first book, When the Meaning is Lost, shares how to create more meaning in your life after something hard has happened, will give you hope and will inspire you to live more fully. She is your trainer, motivator and cheerleader to create the life that you desire most. 

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This is Nicole, creatrix of The Goddess Moves. She is a dance artist, mentor, choreographer, Embodiment Goddess coach, entrepreneur and educator who has performed professionally nationally in Canada, New York and Trinidad and Tobago.
She has trained and performed with various respected artists and choreographers in Canada and internationally. Her formal education included obtaining a diploma and BA of Arts specializing in dance, choreography and performance. She has presented her own choreography and spoken word works on stage. Always learning she has also completed her Reiki 1 & 2 certification, Crystal healing certification, Health coach certification with IIN and certified Temple Body Artist with the completion of Sophia Thom’s Temple Body Arts Global Mentorship program. 

Nicole went through her own healing journey with a physical clearing of having 10 massive Fibroids removed from her uterus. She is driven to share the knowledge she has acquired with others to disrupt generational patterns and reconnect to our bodies from the inside-out. She weaves movement alchemy, embodiment and fusing ancestral practices within our modern society. This became the catalyst in creating The Goddess Moves. Through her business she teaches live workshops, retreats, 6 month juicy deep dive alchemic programs and one on one sessions.

To reach her to teach, speak or collaborate contact via Email 



Keri-Anne Livingstone is a certified emotional empowerment coach, intuitive healer, and founder of Daring to Suck; a deep feelers guide to navigating Life, Death and all the WTFs with more grace, ease and humour. As a retreat host, comedic speaker and writer, she facilitates embodied exploration, honest expression, and healing expansion of Souls who came here to serve! Her work helps empaths, helpers and healers reclaim their wholeness in the WHOLE MESS of releasing and expressing their feelings and she lives to match the perfect GIF for every occasion and makes up words as if it were a sport!

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A proud ‘L’ of the LGBTQ+ community, Hayley is passionate about representation, social justice, progressive ideas, superheroes and surfing the Canadian Rockies.
She is the creator and author of The Demons of Angels graphic fiction novel, a contributing author to A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone e-book by Gemma Thompson and a member of Panel One Comic Creators. She works as a marketing communications professional in the nonprofit sector in Calgary, Alberta. 

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Reanna is a powerful and masterful teacher who has dedicated her life to uncovering the mysteries of our bodymind. After 14 years of teaching and 1500hrs of training in anatomy, philosophy, inquiry and trauma, Reanna has synthesized together a blend of works and teachings to create a powerful method of creating freedom within the Self. 

From a yogic and somatic approach, Reanna leads you deeply into the body as a way to reveal, unwind and rewire the subtle layers of tension that keep us locked in old patterns. Her approach includes movement, breathwork and guided practices within a profoundly safe and well held space. You can learn more about her and ways to work with her at