Holistic living:

choosing a holistic approach to life in general. One article on a topic focus per issue.

Holistic and Alternative Mental health; Suicide, post-partum, Effects of rebuilding after abuse, etc.

Holistic diet: using food as medicine and in that; chronic illness, herbalism and chronic illness


Practitioner Focus: 

{Alternative medicine/health} one practitioner focus per issue talking about what they do and how they run their practice (Reiki | TCM | Energy Work | Chiropractic | Chraniosacral Therapy, etc)


Super Food Focus:

a single herbal or food focus per issue (plant based medicines too like cannabis)


Spirituality in 2020:

Lets look at some super cool spiritual people and how they navigate their lives in today's society. Allowing one person to talk about their personal spiritual practices and how they may apply to the reader. 


Kids and Intuition:  

How do we teach our children to live Awake and Conscious? Without the snares of fear based organized religions? 

Conscious Birthing and Pregnancy: how do we parent and birth differently Being Conscious? From conception to birth and through to parenting - how can we co-create a generation of self-aware people?



A personal, manageable, first person look at fitness. Using local practitioners who do this for a living and wish to help women through their own personal fitness struggles and successes.


Fresh Finds:

Segment on products that are educational, holistic, green, eco-friendly, preferably Canadian and local, Eco-friendly toys, skin care.


Detox Your Life:

one article per issue with a focus one 1-2 things you can remove and replace with an alternative. (ie. dumping plastic water bottles, why, some research and what to use instead)


Woman In Focus:

Focus on a woman of note and her story, per issue


Media Focus:

Books, movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc. of focus and are relevant to our focus.


Calendar 2021


Vol. 4: "The Fires of Hope"

Vol. 5: “Devotedly Un-Normal”

Vol. 6: “Feminine Mythology”

Vol. 7: “Light & Shadow”