Birth of a Woman is, what exactly?

The ‘Event of The Modern Woman' has gotten lost somewhere. We have been led astray and are now riddled with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and a {very serious} lack of hope. All while still tending to children, spouses, partners, family: being the care takers.

With this magazine we go back, and remember what the divine Women of our past looked like, and with our modern technology and ability to share vast amounts of knowledge, we pair our world with the old world.

Lets look at what being a Woman is. Let’s learn of our Tribe, our Community, our Circle. Let’s Share. Let’s Listen. Let’s attune to one another, globally, and find a solution inside of it.

Birth and ReBirth ....

The story of Birth of a Woman is actually a very personal one. It’s the story of Tracy, CEO and Editor in Chief.

She began as some of us do, as a mother. A working mother not quite knowing what life had in store for her, but she was in it for the long haul and willing to go where her heart led her. Well, it led her to a beautiful infant and mother store in Calgary where she met the loveliest owners ... they had produced an in-store magazine called Birth of a Mother.
After a while, Tracy wanted more than to be “just an employee” and took the reigns of the magazine. She helped acquire content, advertisers and contributors ... and before long she was acting EIC, and very soon after that, owner. She loved it!

But alas, life again, had a different idea. After a few years the magazine and it’s content no longer sang for Tracy, and she felt the passion fizzle for the mothering magazine. Putting it on ice, Tracy moved along to other things that sparked joy in her soul, all the while the idea of a magazine sat sizzling inside her brain just waiting for the right focus.

After many more years, Tracy had the urge and the vision to spring forth yet another magazine, but this time not just for mothers, for all Women.
You know, those amazing creatures of Divine Creation who are the life bringers, caregivers and soul seats of the universe? Yes, THOSE women!

So, please welcome back Tracy, and the newly born Birth of a Woman Magazine.

First issue February 1, 'Spring' 2020.


A Canadian restorative look at being a woman; maiden, mother, crone.

The Village, Community, Tribe, Circle.  Alternative-Esoteric-Health

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